4 ft. Ladder Sections

Price: 46.99

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Rated at 500lb weight capacity, Woodsey Too’s Ladder sections are the most unique climbing system available to day’s hunters.

The angled ladder rungs give you plenty of room for bulky pack boots, no matter what size the tree is. The rungs are placed close together to make climbing easy for all hunters (Ladies/Men/ Kids) decked out in cold weather gear.

Made out of steel the 4 ½ ft. ladder section is surprisingly light weight each section only weights 6lbs. The stackable sections come with 96 inches of 1” webbing and a ratchet that pulls the ladders tight and secure against the tree.

With the no slip design built into the ladders Woodsey Too has created one of the strongest and safest ladder systems available.

**When ordering please specify if you need more than the 96 inches of strap to fit your hunting needs!!

*If you are ordering more than one product you can receive a shipping discount by placing your order over the phone. Please contact us at 817-573-0546.